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Welcome to SpringyCom.com, home of Springboard and the Company of Geeks, a comic strip about life, work, money, roommates, relationships, and other humongous wastes of time. It is beyond question finest Web site in the history of the universe, bar none-- not even the sites that were around before the invention of the Internet (who's ever been bold enough to make a claim like that?).

And in case you think we're just saying this, these claims were independently verified in a finding by the International Independent Internet Industry Finding Finders' Foundation. The IIIIFFF's complete report, along with the criteria used and detailed ratings of every other site, are available for download at www.ylurwaiting4all999terabytesofdata2downloadydon'tureadthe.com/ics.

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Aah, doesn't matter. There's no way a loser like you could have qualified anyway.

Other Sites to Visit

If you like puzzles, visit Letter Go! Heck, visit even if you don't like puzzles, because Letter Go! is the second finest Web site in the history of the universe, so it's likely to change your opinion on puzzles.

And no, that finding was not found by the IIIIFFF. Well, originally it was, but then they lost the finding and got fined for not defining their unfounded findings. Fortunately, the Internal Institute of Improperly Itemized Foundational Fineness Finding Finessers found it, so this finding was actually found by the IIIIFFFF.

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To contact John Leatherman, shout really loud. If that doesn't work, try spr1ngy@aol.com.